Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

So - I finally decided to start my own blog.
Why, you may ask? You didn't? Well sod off then - this is a blog for enquiring minds!
In future blogs I'm going to ramble aimlessly about the world according to Tony.
I'm a political junkie, photographer, poker player, musician, world traveller - and I fly a pretty cool aeroplane.
I am also one of the three world famous pilot announcers on the weekly podcasts - don't worry about the other two - they're kinda like a supporting cast - they are there so that you can go and pour a drink without putting it on hold.
I have a highly developed British sense of humour so you can expect to find lots of links to the best of British Comedy - you'll also find lots of words with English spellings - which may lead many in North America to think, "This guy can't spell proper like what we can." Get over it!
If you are politically correct, you should leave - right now. This will be a HIGHLY politically incorrect blog. You have been warned!
Hands up who knew that Jesus is English.
Here's the proof -

*** World Cup *** World Cup *** World Cup ***
So the Italian team arrived home today and were booed an jeered! Wow - those Italians have no damn sense of humour!
Ghana 2 - USA 1 - WOW - as in WOW! What a disaster! WTF?
Tomorrow - England v Germany, Just imagine, how totally pi**ed the G20 leaders are going to be, to learn that nobody gives a damn - they;re all watching the soccer - except for the few diehards that are burning police cars and storefronts in Toronto.

I'm outa here - I gotta soccer game to watch - some things are just too important to miss!



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