Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BP - British Government- and other traitors

You are probably wondering why my blog was suddenly marked "Adult Content"
It's that damn Hannah Elisabeth - more later!

In Miami, Florida, it is illegal to skateboard in a police station.
And if you do, and you get caught - just remember - Tony warned you here - First!

So! I wasn't going to write my next blog yet - but then I learned of the latest BP Fiasco and the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Bear with me here - BP actually approached the (then) British Labour Government - and convinced them to trade the Lockerbie Bomber for Oil! You don't believe it? Nor did I. So here is some reading material for you -

Check It!

Then - they started in BC - BIG protests coming - Check it -

We haven't even got into the carnage in the Gulf yet!

In fairness to CEO Tony Hayward, he was dumped in it by Lord Brown, but he is being paid enough to get out of it - and he ain't doing that! How long now since they started pumping oil into the ocean?

ENOUGH BP - On to the important stuff!

Space - The Final Frontier!

Headline - The End Of US Manned Spaceflight Looms Ever Closer

The US manned space program has at best only a few more years of missions left in it, until its cost, complexity and design flaws results in another failure that grounds all US manned launches until a new transport system is designed and built.

Why? Why would the USA pretty much abandon their space program?
Because they don't wish to be embarrassed by the Irish. While remaining very low key, the Irish program is enjoying huge successes. You saw it here first - here is a top secret video of the latest Irish Space Launch - For security, please eat it after viewing!

So - now you are in on it!

Hands up who ever wondered why Cardinal Sicola was passed over for Pope - yet again?
Do you really think that they would allow a Pope called Pope Sicola???

On to important stuff!

Hand up if you are a poker player - and if you're not - what the hell are you doing here? So - My friend Hannah is not only an amazing poker player, she is an entertainer, writer, broadcaster and all around poker personality. She is also the reason that my blog was suddenly given an adult content warning, due to her propensity to say damn, blimey, and a couple of other words borrowed from Middle English. Thanks Hannah - now they're censoring me! :)
Anyway - Go check her out - she has blogs, podcasts,radio shows - and she promised that if I gave her a really big plug, she would stake me in the WSOP. Well - she didn't actually say that, but hey - she might. Stop wasting time - you can find her here -
You can also download all podcasts from Itunes (under Podcast, just search for "My Big Blonde Life"...AND, all shows are archived on: (under Radio/TV/Talkies)
/she is also syndicated weekly on!!
And to think - I knew her when she was nobody! :)
Go check it - she is lots of fun - and you might learn something.

While we are podcasting - don't forget to go to my podcast - OK, OK, there are a couple of other guys in there as well, but they are basically filler - that should be obvious :) - so whaddya waiting for?! Check it out!

Thought for the week
If at first you don't succeed - go back to bed!

I'm outa here - Later!


  1. All plugging aside....very entertaining blog! Love me some dryyyyy Brit humor lol:) Oh and your steak is on like it medium rare, yes? Some pommes frites on the side? Excellent!

    Big ol' MUAH from your favorite blonde bombshell of poker!-Hannah Elisabeth

  2. I object to being labeled as "filler." I'm positive that I was internationally famous before you.